Naqshbandi Secrets

The Secrets Of The Naqshbandi Sufi Way

From The Teachings of Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani and Shaykh Sayed Nurjan Mirahmadi

The Secrets of The Keys to Paradise Unlocking The Bismala 19 letters Muhammad , Fatima, Ali Hassan Hussein 19 letters..

Unlocking Energies

The Secret Book of Hu, the Perfection of the Holy Face, All Things Perish but the Holy Face

Realities of Sufi Whirling Secrets of Heart of Quran and Surah Ya Seen God Almighty: I am no where to be found not in the Heavens nor on Earth but, you may Find Me in the Heart of My Lover

The Black Robes and More Secrets of Whirling. We Come From Allah and To Him we shall Return

Shams-s Tabriz 3 States of Matter Naqshbandi secrets of whirling

Tafsir Surah Falaq Ahkfa Secrets Protection and secrets of Energy

Secrets of Salat / Prayer

What is Magam al Mahmoud Secrets of Morning Prayers Fajr

Secrets of The Pen /Qalam and The Noble Scribes unlocking realities of the Shaykhs Allah Taught Man by The Pen That which he Knew Not

Realities of Prophets Rabbaniun Prophet Ismail, Joseph and The secrets of Sacrifice The 12th Month and Hajj

Secrets of Spiritual Healing

The Perfected Being

Tafsir Surah Naas Khafa Secrets of Insan Kamel The Perfected Being

The Birth of Prophet Muhammad (s) is the Birth of Creation. 3 rd Month and 12th Day

Nabi Musa(s) and The Mountain Musa [as] Wanting to see Allah but only can see The Greatest of Signs Nur Muhammad [s]

His Crown is Secrets of BismiAllah M H M M four springs of The Khawtar

Tafsir of Surah Fatiha secrets of BASMALA

Miracles of Mawlana Shah Naqshbandi

Secrets of Our Sustenance and The Three Test of Hadrat Khidr [as] and Prophet Moses [as] Sink the ship , Take away the evil boy and Safe guard the treasure

10 Steps to Mureedia Leaving Evilness growing to Sainthood

What are Naqshbandi Murshids Genuine Murshids are of four levels: Murshid Tabarruk: Guides mainly for receiving baraka and usually accomplishes that goal by giving you an awrad and daily practices. Murshid Tazkiyya: Guides who lift you up by taking away your bad actions and desires. Murshid Tasfiyya: Guides who get rid of all your desires for dunya. Murshid Tarbiyya: The highest in rank who will build you up with discipline and take you to your station in the Divine Presence.

Ahkfa Ahkfa Secrets Towards the Understanding “ABD”ALLAH Two Oceans that don’t merge Hijr Mahjur

Your Heavenly Name Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets

What Are Qutubs Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets

Understanding The Divine Government and Lordship

7 Springs of Knowledge & Emanations

Computers You and Self Realization:


6 Powers of The Heart :the six powers are of the heart are: The Reality of Attraction (Haqiqatu ’l-jadhbah), The Reality of Down pouring (Haqiqatu ’l-fayd), The Reality of Focusing (Haqiqatu ’t-tawajjuh), The Reality of Intercession (Haqiqatu ’t-tawassul), The Reality of Guidance (Haqiqatu ’l-irshad), The Reality of Scrolling (Haqiqatu ’t-tayy)

The 5 Levels of Knowledge Secrets of the Heart the six powers are of the heart are: – The Reality of Attraction (Haqiqatu ’l-jadhbah) – The Reality of Down pouring (Haqiqatu ’l-fayd)- The Reality of Focusing (Haqiqatu ’t-tawajjuh)- The Reality of Intercession (Haqiqatu ’t-tawassul)- The Reality of Guidance (Haqiqatu ’l-irshad)- The Reality of Scrolling (Haqiqatu ’t-tayy)

Opening of the 9 Points OF The Chest and the Secrets of the Enneagram by Mawlana Daghestani (Q) opening of the heart, going to the Divine presence and Sultan Dhikr Enneagram spider web and the spider

Kabah is the Heart of The Believer The Real Kabah is the Heart of Sayedena Muhammad [s]

Opening the 7 Points of the Head a Gateway to the 9 Points of the Body

Tafsir Naba 31-37 Secrets of the Heart

The Secrets of the Three Lights of Creation Rajabun Shahrullah, Shaban shahr an-Nabi and Ramadan opening shahr al-ummah. The Secret of the three Recitations of Surah Ya-Seen [36] and Allah granting us the secret of life, wa laqad karamna bani Adam (as).

Secrets of The Circle and Realities of Hajj and The Womb

11 Principle of the Naqshbandi Sufi Way

Dua Blind Man Hajjat Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets

Realities of String Theory

The Secrets behind the Naqshbandi Taweez Realities of the Divine Court

Tafsir Surah Naba Naqshbandi Secrets

Secrets of Adam same as Atom

Tafsir Surah Naba Naqshbandi Secrets Verses 1-7

What are Jinns and Spirits what are they created from

Secrets of “7″ Nun and Nitrogen of DNA

From Atom / Adam to You Part 1

Vancouver Center

Guides Of Light / Malakut and Sound Dress you with Their Souls

I Swear By The One Hu Carries My Soul in His Hand

Call You with Your Imam

Private: Face,Presence,Essence Part 2 – Love, Presence,

RAJAB, SHA’BAN, RAMADAN) اِنْ سَ انِ Part of the Insan Kamil Book of Realities





Jealousy Blocks The Miracle

Secrets of the Cave and Number 18

What do we Really Worship Money God, Health

Secrets of Ya Hadi Ya Dalil Guidance Heavenly GPS

Did Not Create You, Except to Worship ME ( The Creator) Temporary Existence

Secrets of Healing in Naqshbandi “Tell them you’re nothing, and keep telling people you’re nothing!” It means I’m absolutely nothing without their support. “Abiduna mi Madadikum”

Return Your Amanat But there is a difference between giving a gift and returning your trust. Some people wonder why we use the word “trust” to describe giving to the Shaykh

The Poor, the Orphan and the Captive Three Categories that eat from Heavenly Table

YOU ARE IN SATAN’S TERRITORY, This Material World is a testing ground

SEEKING REFUGE IN THE ALL MIGHTY Allah Before you can open Bismi Allah Al Rahman Al Raheem

Dangerous Days Ahead Only Shams Mecca and Medina will be Safe

Time of the Mahdiuun “Be prepared, there are signs and live in preparation that if Sayyidina Mahdi (a) or a representative of Sayyidina Mahdi (a) comes to visit us, that we are prepared,” our homes are prepared, and our lives are prepared, and we live a life based on faith

In The Last Days Pious People Will Be Hidden And that becomes the danger, that even from amongst their own group and community they find that in an instant the community can attack and come after that one that is pious

Playing with Jinn and Spirits they don’t trust the visions of anyone who has not entered the Ocean of Obedience.

Allah Honoring Prophet [as] with Isra wal Miraj

Secrets of Isra Open on Laylat Qadir