Understanding Numbers from the reality of Insan

Understanding Numbers from the reality of Insan

By Sh. Ali Diallo 7007 Eternally

The Numbers as Messengers:

Rasul {SAW} said: ‘I am the Last of the “Messengers”‘. Who are the Messengers? Here, the “Messengers” are the numbers from 1 to 9. They are the Messengers because each one of these numbers comes forth with a secret, a “prophecy” (for instance 1 carries the Prophecy of the Alif, 2 that of the Divine Mirror and so forth).

These nine numbers or nine “messengers” represent the nine highest Awliya who carry the “prophecy” of the number they correspond to:

1 for annihilation (of the ego, i.e., of everything that is not Allah).

2 for the manifestation of Allah through the Divine Mirror (secret of zikr “La ilaha ill Allah”),

3 for the Secret (Naqsh) from which creation is born. This secret is the engraving of the reflecting reality from Barhul Qudra in the heart of the Chosen One.

4 for the meaning of that secret (that is, the appearance of the Muhammadiun (the one representing Muhammad) in the realm of creation (the number 4 represents Dal, the circle of dunya).

5 for the constant appearance and manifestation (i.e., zikr of the secret) of the secret Naqsh through times. This constant appearance of the reality of Muhammad (the 4) is the Guidance provided by the prophets and the saints representing the Prophet {SAW} who came through times (5 is Ha which stands for Huda: Guidance).

6 for the grant of Kun fa ya Kun (making creation appearing and disappearing at will) through the station of “My servant does not cease to approach Me … until I Love him (6 is Waw which stands for Love).

7 for the Grant of the station of the All-Knowing through Knowledge of what is apparent (that which has appeared in creation) and what is hidden (that which has not appeared yet or which has been sent back to Barhul Qudra. This station if the “Face of Allah, the All-Knowing”.

8 for the Grant of Eternity through the station of “Muhammad Rasul Allah”. Prophet {SAW}’s station is eternal.

9 for the Grant of the Cave which is the Secret granted to Siddiq Awliya. Diving into the Prophetic Reality of “Muhammad Rasul Allah” (from the 8th stage) will lead to the Ocean of Seydina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq {RA}.

The Number 1

Allah. Reality of Prophet {SAW} annihilated in Allah {SWT}. Reality of Nur al Illahi which was granted to Prophet {SAW}.

The Number 2

The Divine Mirror of 1+1. Barhul Qudra.

The station of the two first numbers 1 and 2 represent the reality of the Two bow lengths. “He {SAW} was at a distance of Two Bow Lengths”. Here it means that Prophet {SAW} resides in the reality of the two primordial units of numbers: the reality of 1 (the Alif) and the reality of 2 (the Mirror reflected through Barhul Qudra). The grant of the Secret of the prophecies of the numbers 1 and 2 is the grant of the Miraj.

The Number 3

This is the Limit and nexus between creation (which appears from subsequent numbers) and the Realities granted to Prophet {SAW} (Barhul Qudra as the number 2 and Nur al ilahi as the number 1).

The barrier that separates the reality of creation from the reality of the Divine Presence.

The tajjali of that number is 36.9: “And We have made before them a barrier and a barrier behind them, then We have covered them over so that they do not see.”

3, 6 and 9 are all multiples of 3 (3×1; 3×2; 3×3).

Then creation appears from subsequent numbers. The way creation appears is very important: numbers from 1 to 6 are added to 3 to yield the remaining numbers of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Thus we have: 3+1=4; 3+2= 5; 3+3=6; 3+4=7; 3+5=8; 3+6=9.

The sequence of added numbers stops at 6 because 6, which stands for the Arabic letter Waw, represents Love. So this is a proof that the finality of creation is Love: Allah {SWT} created his creation out of Love. As we can see from this sequence, the number 3 remains constant.

So creation is created from the number 3. Similarly, Mawlana Shaykh Hisham{QS} said that Allah {SWT} has created human beings from 3 constant lights: the Light of Allah {SWT}, the Light of the Prophet {SAW} and the Light of Adam {as}. So the number 3 represents human beings (insan). [Soul , Light]

Let us look at the remaining numbers (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9):

3 + 1 = 4

Remember that the number 3 represent the human being [Soul , Light ](insan).

So Insan (3) is dressed with the reality of the 1 (3+1) and the result is the number 4.

The reality of the 1 is the Presence of Allah because 1 represent the Arabic letter Alif which stands for Allah. Therefore, when insan is dressed with the reality of the Alif, that is, when he gains knowledge of Allah {SWT}, he is automatically led to the understanding of the reality of Muhammad. Thus he becomes Muhammadiun. This is why 3+1 yields 4 (4 represents Muhammad[s]).

Another way to understand this is through the second part of the Kalima: “Muhammad Rasul Allah”.

“Muhammad Rasul Allah”: Muhammad (4) = Rasul (3) + Allah (1). Here “Rasul” (the number 3) is the door or the nexus through which Divine Tajalli (in this case the Tajalli of the Alif-1) is sent to creation.

3 + 2 = 5

Insan (3) is dressed with the reality of the 2. The result is the number 5.

The reality of the number 2 is the reality of Barhul Qudra because 2 represents the Arabic letter Ba which stands for Barhul Qudra.

2 is Barhul Qudra. When the reality of Barhul Qudra was granted to the perfect one in his heart, he carried that secret and reflected it through 5 levels of the Heart and became a manifestation of the perfect Guide (Al Hadi): the one who can give guidance from any of the 5 levels of the Heart. That perfect one is the Muhammadiyun of his time.

3 + 3 = 6

Insan (first 3) is dressed with the reality of the 3. The result is the number 6.

The reality of the number 3 is the reality of the Naqsh or the Nexus. Divine Love Allah {SWT} granted to Seydina Abu Bakr {RA} because 6 represents the Arabic letter Waw which stands for Wadud.

When insan (the first 3) is dressed with the secret of the Nexus or the Naqsh (the second 3), he reaches the secret of Al Wadud and the Divine Opening (Fatiha) which was granted to Siddiqiyun (Rumi and all Naqshbandi Awliya). This is why the number 6 stands for Waw which represents Wadud.

3 + 4 = 7

Insan (3) is dressed with the reality of 4. The result is the number 7.

The reality of the 4 is the reality of the Muhammadiyun because 4 represents the Arabic letter Dal which stands for MuhammaD. 4 also represents the reality of the container (4 walls of Ka’aba containing the secret of Divine Presence). This is why it is related to the physical manifestation of the Muhammadiyun, the Perfect One and the owner of the Time who represents the Prophet {SAW} at any given time (physical body made up of 4 elements or 4 “walls” that contain the secret of the Divine Presence. The Owner of the Time is the real walking Ka’aba.

When insan is dressed with the reality of the Muhammadiyun, he is brought to the Door of Allah (7 stands for Allah) Who is the Eternal One. Reality of the Ayat All shall perish except his Face (7) who is eternal.

Note that

3+1=4 (Insan dressed with Knowledge of Allah reaches Knowledge of Muhammad) and

3+4=7 (Insan dressed with Knowledge of Muhammad reaches Knowledge of Allah). Thus Knowledge of Allah leads you to Muhammad and Presence of Muhammad leads you to Allah.

3 + 5 = 8

Insan (3) is dressed with the reality of the 5. The result is the number 8.

The reality of the 5 is the reality of Guidance because 5 represents the Arabic letter Ha which stands for Huda (Guidance).

When insan is dressed with the reality of Guidance (5 stands for Ha which represents Al Huda), he sits on the Throne of Guidance. On that day, the number 8 carries the Throne as expressed in the Ayat: “And 8 carry the Throne on that Day”. So he sits on the Throne of Guidance which is supported by the number 8. The number 8 carries the Throne of Guidance only after death and resurrection because to become the perfect Guide you need to reach Annihilation in Allah and resurrection in Allah.

3+6 = 9

“My slave does not draw near Me with anything I love more than what I have made obligatory for him. My slave continues to draw near me with super obligatory actions until I love him.

When I love him, I am his hearing with which he hears, his sight by which he sees, his hands with which he strikes, and his feet with which he walks. He will become Rabanniya and say be and it will be ” (Sahih al-Bukhari, 81:38:2)

Insan is dressed with the reality of the 6. The result is the number 9.

The reality of the 6 is Divine Love because 6 represents the Arabic letter Waw which stands for Wadud.

When Insan is dressed with Divine Love, he becomes Siddiq or Naqshbandi. This is what happens to Seydina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq {RA} when Prophet {SAW} came to him {RA} and told him “Ya Abu Bakr, Allah has Loved you”. It means your human soul (the number 3) has been dressed with the station of Divine Love (the number 6). The result of this addition is the number 9. This is why Seydina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq {RA} and all the perfect Siddiqiun Masters represent the number 9. So the equation 3+6=9 is the station of “Allah has Loved you”. [36 is Surah YaSeen Heart of Quran , Allah Uncreated Speech, Divine Presence]